The Imperial Celestial Marines are relatively similar to the Drakonian Army, but are a part of the ICN. They mainly serve on board ships and are experts in zero-gravity and space combat, capturing hostile stations or ships, or defending against boarding troops; however they are often used in fighting planetside as well. If they are called upon to do so, they rely on the other services for vehicle and logistic support.


Marines usually wear a well-armored space suit, which can make them a bit slower then other infantry when fighting in places with gravity. They wear helmets with a sheer, dome-like faceplate (with integrated HUD) built into a reinforced helmet with communications gear sticking up on each side. Other specialized gear includes propulsion backpacks (jetpacks) for flying about in zero gravity, magnetic boots, and self-oxidizing breaching charges. Dress uniforms have crimson epaulets on the coats.


Marines are usually stationed on ships or stations to repel boarders or contain mutinies as needed. They are sometimes used offensively, but boarding hostile vessels during a battle is rare. They more often are used to capture asteroid bases, enemy ships, stations, and other targets after anti-craft defenses are down. The marines usually cut into enemy ships from the outside and target enemy life-support, to use their advantage in airless and zero-gravity environments

Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army

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