Ichiri Empire

05/20/201,000B.C. +

Other titles

Ichiri Empire

Official name

The Grand Ichiri Empire

  • Ichiron

20,302,409,798,392,493,304,493,442,249,244,242 and 1.

Capital planet

Ichiri Major

Controlled planets

Over seven quadrillion

State religion


– Emperor Ichirius the I 05/20/201,000B.C. — 03/12/200,929B.C.
– Emperor Ichirius the CDMMML 12/20/1920 +



Ichiri Dollar


Grand Ichiri Army


Grand Ichiri Navy

Other military units


"Those Goddamn Bugs!"


The Ichiri Empire was founded more than 200,000 years ago, and over the course of tens of thousands of years, it conquered its Universe, and rules it benevolently. Individual Galaxies are ruled by Individual Governors who report back to Ichiri Prime with news and updates. There's never been a revolt, since the Ichiri Empire is kind, giving its subjects benefits, with moderate tax rates.


Most notable with the Ichiri Empire is its vast size, it encompasses a whole Universe. Because conventional space travel would take hundreds of years, Ichiri Scientists had invented Rift Travel dozens of millenniums ago. Also, due to the large space, communications have also evolved vastly. What would normally take years to receive a communication now only takes about an hour.

Interaction with the AppearanceEdit

The Ichiri Empire had first interacted with the Appearance Universe when they accidentally opened a rift over the Tenon Colony, during a scientific experiment. They put the whole sector on alert, and patrolled it in the event of danger. The Tenon Colony was eventually pulled in, and following it was the Bly Machine, and a few other Appearance Civilization ships. Ichiri ships, believing this was the prelude to an invasion, immediately surrounded the ship, but when the Bly Machine's peaceful intentions were made known, the Ichiri took them to Ichiri Prime via Rift Drive. Eventually, they imprisoned Bly, and his crew, and made modifications to the Bly Machine adding the Rift Drive in, as well as other advanced technology. Eventually, the First Ichiri-Appearance War broke out, in which BlyDonian Rescue Forces and Appearance Civilizations rescued Bly and the Bly Machine, and left the Ichiri Universe using a reverse rift.

Later on, a few months later, a rift was accidentally opened in Appearance Space, allowing Ichiri Ships in to take the offensive. The Second Ichiri-Appearance War began, and after the Ichiri decimated and captured large Capita Council space, they were repulsed after almost two months. The Ichiri were no longer directly involved in the Appearance.

A few months ago, the Drakonian Empire invaded the Ichiri Universe. Although initial projections of Drakonian tacticians projected 30 years, a more reasonable estimation is 10,020 years to take the entire Ichiri Universe, since Drakonia does not have the Rift Technology to get around faster in the Universe. It will take them approximately 9,239 years to reach Ichiri Prime.

Map of the Ichiri UniverseEdit

The Ichiri Universe is large, and vast. Approximate notable locations are: 1) Ichiri Prime Galaxy (Capital of Civilization) 2) User:Naga Krion's current position in certain galaxy. 3) Tenon Colony Galaxy.


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