Iaondi Republic

07/22/1830 +

Flag of the Iaondi Republic
Flag of Iaondi
Location of Iaondi
Other titles

Iaondi Republic

Official name

Grand Iaondi Republic

Short name Iaondi

Iaondis, Iaons


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 68,401,884,931
Capital planet


Controlled planets

Siandi Flascus Lanidia Mansiui Yurando Subayasa


Free Religion


Democratic presidential oligarchical republic

– Ka Lan-di 06/20/2010 +





Iaondi Army


Iaondi Navy

Eras Creation Era
- Formation 07/22/1830

The Iaondi Republic is a civilization in The Appearence Galaxy. It joined the Appearence Democracy League following the events of the Teredona I summit, when the ADL was actively recruiting democratic civilizations in the Appearence.


The Iaondi Republic was founded on July 22nd, 1830. Its predecessor, the Iaondi Federation of Loosely United Planets, was swept away in favor of a united Republic. The name Iaondi originates from the ancient leader of Siandi, Iaondi. Although some consider his existence to have been a myth, the civilization is nonetheless named after him.


The Iaondi Government was split into four branches. The Presidency, The Prime Ministry, The House of the People, and the Courts.

Office of the PresidentEdit

Iaondi Presidents are elected into office every year. The President has the power to control and maintain an army, to raise or lower taxes, to remove a member from the Courts, and other powers. The President was able to be impeached by a majority vote in the House of the People.

Office of the Prime MinisterEdit

The Prime Minister of the Iaondi Republic is equal to the President. He has all the powers that the President holds. He can maintain the army, raise taxes, etc. In recent years, the Prime Minister has been viewed as counterproductive, as the Prime Ministry was held by a member of the opposition party. Because of this, it is very difficult for the government to move forward at times. The House of the People could impeach the Prime Minister as well.

The House of the PeopleEdit

Members of the House of the People were citizens elected to positions of lawmaking and regulation. The members of this house had the authority to fund government projects and to create and repeal laws. Another power they possessed was the ability to remove the President or Prime Minister from power through majority vote.

The CourtsEdit

The Courts are---


Space NavyEdit

Ground ArmyEdit



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