Ships are all well and good, but sometimes you need something that just stays put. Be it for defense, refueling, or repair, or anything else, a space station is the way to go! The Imperial Celestial Navy uses several easily-mass-produced types.

Fuel DepotEdit

Storing the fuel for thousands of ships' steam fusion engines as well as pumping the fuel onboard is performed at space stations designed for the purpose. The Fuel Depot Mark 1 (Image [1] ) is designed to dock with and refuel all manner of ships, from corvettes to cruisers. Larger stations are used for dreadnoughts and the like due to their massive fuel demand.

Refuel/Repair StationEdit

The Refuel/Repair Station Mark 1 (Image [2] ) is designed to both conduct maintenance and refuel naval vessels. It is 1km long, and can service all but the largest ships. Often, repair ships work with the station.

Heavy Defense PlatformEdit

Fuel just isn't very exciting, is it? Now the Heavy Defense Station Mark 2 (Image [3] ) serves as an anti-light-capital ship defense platform, with its 4 triple 41.3" railgun turrets.

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