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Hzian Empire

02/30/0103 +

Flag of the Hzian Empire
Flag of Hzian Empire
Location of Hzian Empire
Other titles

Hzian Empire

Official name

Grand Hzian Empire of Hzian VI



Population 211,836,602,709
Capital planet

Hzian VI

Controlled planets
  • Hzian VI
  • Tukaiia V
  • Trianium Major
  • Galcancia Minor
  • New Mannumna Prime
  • Flaniao Prime
  • Hasuran Minor
  • Sanquia III
  • Ciuano Major
  • 1687-0230
  • 1945-0902
  • 2000-1003
  • 2010-0109
  • Hzian City
  • Zandurism
State religion
  • Zandurism

Absolute monarchy

Notable Emperors
– Sian Pax 103 — 179
– Sian Pax II 179 — 237
– Sian Pax III 237 — 300
– Jaxus Nia IV 1309 — 1370
– Adius Maxian II 1967 +

Free Market Capitalism



"We recommend that a commission be sent to your planet to see if your claims are valid."
– Wringon Ambassador Jin

The Hzian Empire is a relatively unknown empire in the southern section of the Appearance Galaxy, that is a member of the Capita Council


The Hzian Empire is controlled by an Emperor, an Under-Emperor, and a Vice-Emperor, all of whom have special jobs and responsibilities in the government. The Emperor has the most important job, however, and controls the Under and Vice Emperors.

Office of the EmperorEdit

The Emperor makes most of the decisions, but has his subordinates to help him make certain choices. He raises taxes, lowers taxes, appoints judges, etc...

Office of the Under-EmperorEdit

The Under-Emperor is in charge of the military. He of course, must answer to the Emperor about military situations and strategies, but for the most part, he controls the armed forces.

Office of the Vice-EmperorEdit

The Vice-Emperor controls the population, by raising or lowering taxes. Like the Under-Emperor, the Vice-Emperor must answer to the Emperor about certain things.


There are a variety of courts all over the Empire, however, if a case is appealed to the High Court, and they cannot make a decision, it is passed on to the Emperor, who makes the final call.


The Hzian Empire has six branches of military forces.

Hzian ArmyEdit

Hzian FleetEdit

Hzian Special ForcesEdit

Hzian Medical CorpsEdit

Hzian Rescue CorpsEdit

Hzian Space MilitaryEdit




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