Hzian Civil War
Previous Andur-Lunor war
Concurrent Hulizian-Flaor war
Date 06/10/1700 – 10/02/1890
Ending date 10/02/1890
Location(s) Hzian Empire
Outcome The Hzian Empire remains an Empire

Hzian Republicans Revolutionaries

Hzian Imperialist Loyalists


Battle of Hzian VI


Commander Ali-baoa Commander Lajo Manajo Commander Iak-latando

Emperor Jin-ro-ran Emperor Ti-Ro-Prixe Emperor Has-inao

Forces used

Forces designated for use



A large loss of life, most of the ships and weaponry used

A large loss of life, many government buildings, and part of the ocean-based fleet

The Hzian Civil War was a war that took place on Hzian VI. It pitted the ruling Hzian Empire against a splinter group of revolutionaries who wanted less oppression. As a result of the war, the empire was less harsh on its citizens. At one hundred and ninety years, this war is one of the longest ever as of now in The Appearence Galaxy.


The revolution was fought over the course of three generations, with three different Hzian Emperors presiding over it during their rule. The revolution started when Emperor Hayaki died of natural causes, and his eight year old grandson, as per tradition, rose to the throne. Emperor Jin-ro-ran was not able to run the government, being eight, so he had a team of advisers assist him until he was fourteen. It was during this time that several revolutionaries decided to take advantage of the new emperor, and overthrow him.


The war, overall, was not always hot. There were lulls in the war in which both sides would prepare, fight, then stop fighting and prepare more. The war occurred on several of the Hzian planets, and left billions dead all over the Empire.


The huge drain on resources caused the Hzians to not settle 1945-0902 until 1945. Had the war not occurred, they would have been able to settle it a few years after they settled 1687-0230. It also caused the emperor and all future emperors to be less harsh on their people so this sort of thing wouldn't occur again.

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