– Hypocritapotomus in Action

The Hypocritopotomus is displeased.

The hypocritapotomus, sometimes spelled hypocritopotomus, was a large hippo-like space creature that would come and stomp on any and all hypocrites. It, however, was also hypocritical, therefore, it would find itself stomping on it's own head. Recently, the Hypocritapotomus has not been required to make an appearance, since all was well in the Universe.

Common examples of hypocritical actions could be certain situations or events, as well as civilizations, objects, people, places, battles, and wars. It was up to the Hypocritapotomus to regulate these certain things so the RPG would be safe. Thus far, the Hypocritapotomus has done a good job protecting us from these hypocritical events.

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