This article contains all action permitted by the Hydephiilan Senate.



April 8th:

  • The Master head and Beurors are declared by the dominant corporations, the Senate is minorly organized.

April 17th:

  • The Senate is finally established.

April 20th:

  • The General Election is held, this time within the senate.
    • Brech'n State Party—45%
    • Condequist Party—32%
    • The Gammetan Party—12%
    • Larchonian Official Party—7%
    • Wykondictor Party—4%
  • Tomocho Haiwaki, leader of the Brech'n State Party comes into power as Supreme Chancellor.

April 21st:

  • Chancellor Haiwaki invents a new session - Optilli, where the Supreme Chancellor can call all members of the senate into a meeting.
  • Chancellor Haiwaki calls a Grade 2 Optilli and proposes all businesses taxes be raised 20% on Advisal and Direct states, the Master Head declares this to be voted on by the public. 25% of the votes would be the Senate's, and the minimum vote percentage for it to be passed is 65%. Chancellor Haiwaki disagrees with the voting threshold.

April 22nd:

April 28th:

  • After much debating, it is agreed that 20 Yarto-class MG10s should be built to further secure internal relations.
  • Chancellor Hawiwaki proposes placing a super-interdictor generators on the capital planet, Parolmar III, in the case of an emergiency where all hyperspace travel needs to be disabled, along with a perimeter setting that disallows travel into the Hypephiilan Galaxy for increased security.
  • Society begins questioning the integrity of the Chancellors proposals to go Galactic.

April 30th:

  • The SC (supreme chancellor) makes public speeches to counter the accusations of him not wanting to go galactic with the fact that the government is too poor, which will lead to higher taxes which is his main goal.
  • Nothing is done to start the construction of the 20 ships.

May 1st:

  • The vote to raise taxes 20% on businesses in Advisal and Direct states is a negative, taxes shall remain at 10% of income. The Supreme Chancellor knew this would be the outcome which is why he disagreed with the voting treshold.
    • 34% voted yes
    • Out of 25% that the Senate was given, 21% of the senate voted yes.

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