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Hydephiilan Air Force
Official title Hydephiilan Air Force
Other titles (By Hidephiilans) Air Force or Senate air force
Date founded 2011/01/something
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
Unit branch Air force
Motto Diversifying the skies
Bomber Boschlourette Bomber
Reconnaissance craft Yavinemot MPJC1S
Interceptor Yavinemot MPJC1

The Hydephiilan Air Force air force was the section of the Hydephiilan Military that dealth with craft and their transport.

Deployements, operations and basesEdit

The Hydephiilan Air Force is currently only used for planetary defense, anti-terrorist operatios and populace control where local authorities do not suffice.

Destination Dates Deployement Details

Formation and structureEdit

Each air force quandrant, just like in every other unit of the military is commanded by a secretary general, who takes orders from the General of the Armed Forces, advised and informed by both the Chair and Secretary Generals and commanded by the Supreme Chancellor of the Hydephiilan Senate, who is advised, informed, constituted and sometimes ruled by the Senate itself.

Ranks are specified on the Hydephiilan Military page and are persistent with all other sections of the military, but the structure of units differs.

Craft in deployementEdit

Currently, there are only 3 active craft types.

The Yavinemot MPJC1 is the most common craft in the Air Force. It is used as a fighter and as a mild air interdiction craft. Due to the fact that it was designed for and optimizes in atmospherical combat, a naval craft is being planned by the same company that built the MPJC1. The scout (or "stripped") variant is used as a unmanned aerial reconnaissance craft as it travels much faster, has less armaments and improved sensors.

The Boschlourette Bomber was the air- and space-to-ground and -ship bomber of the air force used in mainly counter-terrorist operations. It's much less common than the MPJC1 as it has no purpose fighting crime and no anti-air capabilities.

Structure of unitsEdit

The standard operational structure of units in the air force are as follows. During wartime, when recruits dominate the military, a squad might be commanded by a private, a wing by a fighter, a flight by a low officer etc..

Type of unit Contains Craft Commanded by
Squad Individual craft 3 Fighter or Corporal
Wing 3 squads 9 A low officer
Flight 4 wings 36 A high officer
Batch 3 flights 108 Brigader General
Squadron 2 flights 216 Lieutenant General
Group 4 squadrons 864 Captain General
Corps 3 groups 2592 Major General
Quadrant 2 corps 5184 Secretary General

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