Human skin color, in the appearance, is split up into 6 distinct classes.

Type Color Tanning behavior Characteristics
I very light Often burns, rarely tans. Tends to have freckles, red, brown, or blonde hair, blue, brown, green or gray eyes.
II light, or light-skinned Usually burns, sometimes tans. Tends to have light or dark hair, blue, green, hazel, brown or gray eyes.
III light intermediate, or dark-skinned Rarely burns, usually tans. Usually has brown hair and blue, green, hazel, brown, or, rarely, dark brown eyes.
IV dark intermediate, "olive skin" Rarely burns, often tans. Tends to have black to dark brown hair and blue, green, hazel, brown or dark brown eyes.
V dark or "brown" type Naturally brown skin Black hair and brown or hazel eyes.
VI very dark, or "black" type Naturally black-brown skin Black hair and dark brown eyes, with minor variations.

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