The Hondrum Sireoss nation scale is a analysis of how much political power civilizations in the core area of the Appearence wield, created by East Tudian Hondrum Serieoss in 2011. Of all political science analyses, the Hondrum Serieoss is the most publicized and highly-regarded. The scale, which is republished and updated as the political landscape changes, currently puts 40 civilizations into five categories (super, great, regional, middle, and small powers).

First edition Edit

The first edition, published on September 11, 2011, only categorized 25 civilizations as follows:

Second edition Edit

The second edition was published on April 10 the following year as a more comprehensive reference. Changes are as follows:

Third edition Edit

Just following the outbreak of the Liberalism war in August 2012, a third edition was published. It was after this time that the Hondrum Serieoss was widely considered accurate and trustworthy.

  • Flag of the Lorna Republic Lorna Republic
    introduced as super
  • Flag of Risuk Risuk
    upgraded from regional to great
  • Flag of Orin Orin
    upgraded from middle to great
  • Flag of the Bion Federation Bion Federation
    downgraded from great to regional
  • Flag of the Hzian Empire Hzian Empire
    upgraded from middle to regional
  • Flag of Unidia Unidia
    upgraded from small to middle
  • Flag of the Wringon Republic Wringon Republic
    upgraded from small to middle
  • Flag of Loam Loam
    downgraded from middle to small
  • Flag of the Omkomian Empire Omkomian Empire
    downgraded from middle to small
  • Flag of Sjutnariva Sjutnariva
    introduced as small

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