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For a log of events since the Dicha Period, see the month articles starting January 2010. The current month is September 2017.

The History encompasses the creation of the Appearance universe up until the current date.

Timescale usedEdit

The timescales used to distinctively set out history are divided in to terms, from largest to smallest

  • Eons
  • Epoches
  • Orders
  • Eras
  • Period


Eon Epoch Order Era Period
Current eon Post epoch To be determined Creation Era Coalition period
Dicha period
Setting up, the ichiri, Bly's conquests
Pre epoch To be determined
Occupational order To be determined Secondary rise period
Where races began to rebel against their masters in different parts of the galaxy
Domestication period
Humans were starting to be used as slaves by the aliens as they settled down. Reunficiation was almost upon the aliens.
Abduction period
Aliens began to take from continents due to rising hostilities
Warring divisions period
Where a civil war broke out between aliens, ending with the settlement of several divisions.
Rise of Human order
Sapien order
Pre-sapien order

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