HelAux is a Gammetan company stationed on Fetrodasa IX. They are the primary craft designers for Gammeta, and excel in doing so. Their organization combined with their multi-purpose company makes them one of the best companies in the country. They had an important seat in the old Gammetan Senate, however with the government reformed, HelAux played little role in the nation's operation.


On 1st of March, 2011, HelAux offered the BlyDonian Civilization the designs for the HelAux F15. The government was mildly opposed to the agreement, but most sided as it was an older design. BlyDonia happily agreed, as their Air Force was lacking, and began production of some HelAux F15's.


Main article: HelAux Product Line

HelAux was founded to designing air-superiority jet fighters capable of both space and atmosphere flight. The Military employed their fighter and mass produced thousands of them in order to counter their unsaid enemy at the time. Since then, they've created 18 models that made it past the engineering table: 2 Gunships, 10 Fighters and 6 Bombers. Their craft focus on offense opposed to defense. Along with their craft range, they created the Gammetan Craft Launch system, which greatly reduced take off time, reduced cost, and reduces the risk of being shot down whilst taking off from Gammetan ships

They are planning a HelAux F17 in order to counter the incredibly advanced Yavinemot MPJC1, a Gammetan-Hydephiilan designed air superiority and interdictor supersonic jet fighter, however the government refuses to fund a new model until at least early 2012. They are willing to fund engine, weapon and defensive system upgrades if HelAux requests, and these seem likely.

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