Galactic region

Arm 3

Galactic sector


Solar system

Heilus-orgon System

Orbital position


Diameter 12,430 km
Surface area 485,000,000 km²
Volume 565,633,000,000 km³
Planet type

Terran (temperate)

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Population 24,411,647

0.05 per km²

Heilus-orgon is a terran planet in the third arm of the Appearence galaxy. It was colonized by the Gammetan Civilization on January 22, 2012. Its main purpose will be to provide more living space for Gammetan citizens - as their PPPI is one of the highest in the known galaxies - however for the time being the necassery facilities for civilization are still under construction, and are expected to be until August 2012.

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