Gruptan CapMaster
Designers Gruptan

The Gruptan CapMaster was a multi-tool designed and manufactured by Gruptan. An evolution of a long-standing series of multi-tools, the CapMaster was Gruptan's "tool of the line" for several years. The tool was compact but held a very large array of utensils for different work and survival requirements. It was popular among well-financed mountaineers and was sold out at wholesale to the Yulairian Civilization for combat personnel to use. After their contract had run out and Gruptan was looking at replacing the CapMaster, Armana requested to take the design of the CapMaster and be allowed to modify and improve it so as to keep it up to date and in continued service with the Yulairian Military. Gruptan agreed to sell the design out and the CapMaster was discontinued on the civilian market, replaced by the Mountain Lion Multi-Tool. Meanwhile, the Armana CapMaster was born.

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