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Part of a series on Technology

Ground vehicles are machines that transport people and/or things across the ground. They are usually self-powered, although some rely on an external source of power like the wind or animals on very primitive worlds (maybe? IDK). This category refers mainly to vehicles that move along the ground on wheels, treads, legs, screws, etc. but can also include low-altitude hovering vehicles, like Gametan flying cars or Drakonian magnetic trains. At the upper end of the hovering-ground-vehicle spectrum, the line becomes blurry with Aircraft.

Because they are inexpensive and technologically simple, ground vehicles are ubiquitous across the Appearance. They are used by everyone from individuals to companies and organizations to militaries for many different purposes. The design of each vehicle depends heavily on the technology of the manufacturer: Yulair is known for producing luxurious, high-tech, and versatile vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, most BlyDonians own a hover car (i think), Drakonia uses fuel cell or chemical drive motors, the People of Sanctuary ride giant ants, etc.

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