The Green Warden is one of the three Appearance Universe Wardens. He is also known as the Second Warden, because he is the second one to come into existence.


The Green Warden was created by Home in order to carry out its plan until the time came for the original Warden to return to life. He was designed to have a low level of autonomity to ensure his complete dependence on Home and therefore the success of its plan.

Differences from the other WardensEdit

Green is rather the foot soldier of the three Wardens, often carrying out the plans either of the other two hatches.

  • Green has an amazing memory, and probably remembers everything he's ever learned.
  • Green isn't very good at operating independently, and requires some kind of guidance in order to be of any help in virtually any situation.
  • Going along with the previous point, Green requires orders in order to operate. If no one has told him to do anything, he probably will not do anything at all until they do.
  • Also building on that point, Green will tend to do anything he is told to do, regardless of who told him to do it, unless Home or another adopted superior stops him. His failure to scrutinize the source of his orders is probably due to no one ever having told him to, or a dominant superior telling him never to.
  • Green is the only Warden who readily uses any kind of weaponry, whereas Yellow refuses to kill if it all possible and Red uses only melee and psychic techniques.
  • Home gives Green any information he requires to complete tasks it gives him, but only at the exact moment he needs to know it. It appears he continues to know that information, but is often unable to generalize it into applicable knowledge.
  • Somehow being killed multiple times during the Warden's Finale has given him much more advanced regeneration abilities compared to the other Warden's: He can no longer actually be killed, but instead be reduced to a non-functional state from which he will unfailingly recover over time. This might be because Home got tired of resurrecting him. This ability also reduces the amount of time his emergency eye beam takes to charge.
  • Green possesses other generally exceptional physical abilities, including, but probably not limited to:
    • Super Strength
    • Incredible Stamina
    • Heightened Tolerance of Pain (and other negative stimuli)
    • Near-Infallible Dexterity
  • Green is the only Warden who isn't the same model as Yellow. He is a bit shorter than the other Wardens and has a slightly different composition.

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