Gralage Advanced Production

Designing and manufacturing military hardware

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Targetted locations
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Gammetan Military
Major products



Project Devlabordich


CEO Dhutzin ()

Gralage Advanced Production, often referred to as Gralage or shortened GAP (more commonly the latter), is a major military design and manufacturer company for the Gammetan Civilization. It concentrates on vessels for the Gammetan Navy. GAP has designed and produced, on its own, the backbone corvettes for the Navy, was part of the designing of Project Devlabordich, the flagship's design, and has the largest overall by-model fleet. Recently, they have been active in terms of designing vessels, such as with the C1-Corvette product line. GAP is often seen as the monopoly of smaller and utility ship for the Gammetan navy. They have also worked with expirimental Gatalon Beam Cannon technology and the Yulairian Civilization to produce the H40.

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