Geedin Manta



Janka II

Birth name

Geedin Arkantas


"Fish Lady"

Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
Notable occupation(s)

Emperor of Janka


Janka I



Skin color/type

Type II



Hair color


Eye color


Geedin Manta is the current Jankan Emperor (although more often refered to as Empress). She was placed in power following the close of the BlyDonian-Jankan war in which the then Jankan Emperor was assassinated.

Manta considers herself - correctly - to differ from the previous emperor greatly, possessing a more liberal and left-winged approach. She gave away her predecessors wealth in favor of improving her nation, and turned the Jankan administration in to a more modern, constituted and democratic administration rather than a centralized and self-interested one. She is firm and can be a good arguer above her skills as the leader of a nation, proven by her increase in GDP by 7% since she rose to power. The impressive estimated ecnomic growth of her regime is often conveyed by government give-aways, boosting morale.

She grew up in agriculture, just as most citizens of Janka at the time were. Her talents as a philosopher were recognized when she managed to get herself in to advanced education, using the dedicated gained from her family to climb her classes at school. She became a high-ranking government official, but had little power as it was centralized on the Emperor. With her study in to philosophy during her education, she demonstrated a superior ability to influence the emperor compared to other officials later in life, and eventually was selected by the others to succeed him after his death.

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