This statistical article displays the Regional democracy voting history of the Gammetan Civilization.

Term 1Edit

  • 2010/10/09

It was no suprise that the first term votes were mostly liberal and left-winged politicans, as that's how the Gammetans had been running for nearly the past year with much success.

Votes by political viewsEdit

Graph - Gammetan Regional Democracy votes 2010.10

Pie chart of votes by political view

Stance Votes  %
Communists 3,988,324,644 3%
Democrats 24,617,590,044 18%
Dictators or fascists 2,200,454,976 2%
Non-politician 1,925,398,104 1%
Open minded 32,869,296,204 23%
Other 2,200,454,976 2%
Left-wingers 29,568,613,740 22%
Right-wingers 11,277,331,752 8%
Socialists 28,880,971,560 21%

Politcal views show which policies the elected citizens represented. As is shown, most are liberal or left wing, and not much extremist at all. There is an abundance of open-minded politians, which may indicate that they may be easily corruped by the minority of hardcore politicians that were elected.

Seats by political viewEdit

Graph - Gammetan seats politcal view 2010.10

Pie chart of seats achieved by political view

Stance Seats achieved
Communists 2
Democrats 19
Dictators or fascists 3
Non-politician 1
Open minded 36
Other 1
Left-wingers 25
Right-wingers 8
Socialists 31

Seats achieved in the Senate show repression of those that achieved little votes or that had extremist views. This could either be due to certain politicians targetting areas that were also being targetted by extremists, or just the non-concentrated campaigning of extremists.

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