The Gammetan military intervention in Tudia consists of the attacks started by the Gammetan Civilization, exclusively their navy, on several West Tudian positions across the disputed planet of Thyde as part of the Tudia rebellion 2011. The Gammetans are acting in support of the East Tudians, who are fighting against a bill which aims to oppress a certain ethnicity of Tudians as well as impose restrictions on the rest of them.

The Gammetan Military has a fleet of two strike forces in orbit over Thyde, using the craft and weaponary onboard the vessels as a medium of attack. Military strikes include the use of HelAux F16s for close-range support and precise strikes, as well as various cannons and armaments aboard the ships for general bombardment of Tudian loyalist military positions.

Military strikes and objectives Edit

The attacks have been centered around three positions:

  • South-western front — West Tudian forces are most strong there.
  • North-central front — Eas Tudian forces are weak here and could be overwhelmed quickly.
  • Far eastern front — In order to speed up the likely crumbling of loyalist forces on the continent.

The primary objectives of the strikes are to allow East Tudian forces to, in the Gammetan opinion, liberate the cities of Thyde and unite under a new nation.

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