Template:ErasThe Gammetan Stargate Command (GSGC) was the complex situated in the Gammetan Capital underground which held the Stargate. The Stargate, of course, was Appearence-class, and is part of the Appearance Stargate Network


The gate roomEdit

The Gate is set inside a relatively sizable room, line with a dark metal runway (20m long). The room itself is always kept dark and directional lights (their light is concentrated to one direction) surround both the gate and runway, making the room light up blueish when the gate is active and white when it's not. After stepping off the railing, there is a blank wall with nothing but a few small wall consoles that appear to be unreachable. Two doorways exit each side of the room. They both lead into a room located on the other side of the wall consoles, which is the Stargate Command room. In that, most of the workings go on. Located behind the gate, Ring Transporter, Beaming, Communication and Holographics console stand. A few concealed panels surround the walls. When needed, they extend stunners, cannons, cameras and such which are manned from consoles. They are retracted every time the gate actives and contracted if the person who comes through is Gammetan.

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