"Recently, when an Ichrii fleet arived over Yulair, the Yulairian Homeworld, the Gammetans, in league with a few other ships from other nations, managed to take out a fleet of 10 ships without breaking a sweat. With this sucess, the Repulicans choose not to attack again and what justification do they give? Nothing. What I'm saying is that we're perfectly capable, the administration just chooses to do nothing and waste time while the Ichrii can further their forces."
– Alaryu Otomas critisizing the Republican Party at a speech, 2010/05/29

The Gammetan Republican and Military Party is a militaristic senate-supporting Political Party staged within the Gammetan nation. They formed due to the Republican Party's lack of military stratergy, tactics, structure and organization - they knew the Gammetans were always strong and perfectly able to dominate most minor nations and they wanted to exploit this. Their main publicity is giving speeches, staging military rallies then labling them as their own and attacking other parties in speeches and media.


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