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The Gammetan Language, mostly but not officially refered to as Kortorisan, the old name of the nation, is a language spoken as a first language by all Gammetans. It is a comprehensive language, in that there are multiple forms of words that would not appear in english. In other words, there are more affixes that can change a word's form. As an example, in English the only forms of words derived from "quick" are "quickly" and "quickness," whereas in Gammetan there would be more than just those, such as "quickibility".

Known wordsEdit

In prononuciations, characters in square brackets ("[" and "]") represent suppression, id est say them with less emphasis.

Word Pronounciation (IPA) Meaning Form
Da D-ah /​​dah/ One (number) Singular
Daf D-ahh-f /dahf/ Ones (number) Plural
Dafi D-ahh-fee /dahfi/ First Ordinal
Quintis K[w]-intiss /ˈkwe​n​tes/ Forward (adverb)
Quint K[w]-int /ˈkwe​n​t/ Forward or front (noun), most commonly the latter.
Haus He[y]-o[r]-ss /​heɔs/ Move
Dafda D-ahh-f-d-ah /dahfdah/ Everyone (from "ones" and "one")
Xal Ks-a[h]ll /?/ Quick
Uptin up-tin /?/ Stop

Affixes and other form-modifiersEdit

Affixes and form-modifiers change the form of a word, such as the change from "quick" to "quickly."

Affix Pronounciation English translation Effect/modification outcome Example
-f f /f/ -s or -es Makes any word a plural One [noun] (da) to ones [noun] (daf)
-fi fee /fi/ N/A Makes a number ordinal One [noun] (da) to first [noun] (dafi)
-is iss /es/ -ly Makes an adjective an adverb Quick [adjective] (xal) to quickly [adverb] (xalis)
-alla a[h]l-ah /?/ -ive Makes a noun an adjective Addict [noun] (sactus) to addictive [adjective] (sactusalla)
-us er-ss /?/ -able makes a verb an adjective Stop [verb] (uptin) to stoppable [adjective] (uptinus)


Usually in basic sentences such as commands, the syntax goes: "[[Subject adressed], [Adverb][Verb] [Secondary adverb] [subordinate clause]". E.g.: I command that everyone move forward now, to that place"

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