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The Gammetan Hyperdrive is a hyperdrive designed and manufactured by the Gammetans for general use before they moved to the Appearence in 2009. It still exists today.

The speed which the ship can move in Gammetan Hyperspace can range from light speed to 2,300 light years per second. Speeds below are of general use; they are not recognized by the hyperdrive, merely used as an alternate to actual speed.

  • Simple: 20LY /s (7.2 pm/s)
  • Standard: 100LY /s (36 pm/s)
  • Basic: 130LY /s (46.8 pm/s)
  • Advanced Basic: 150LY /s (54 pm/s)
  • Advanced: 230LY /s (82.8 pm/s)
  • Simple Inter-galactic: 1000LY /s (360 pm/s)
  • Standard Inter-galactic: 1500LY /s (540 pm/s)
  • Basic Inter-galactic: 1750LY /s (630 pm/s)
  • Advanced Inter-galactic: 2300LY /s (828 pm/s)

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