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The Gammetan Ground Force, shortened to GGF or just GF, is one of the three branches of the Gammetan Military. This branch dealt with forces that used land as a means of battle, and could consist of both infantry and vehicles, unlike it's predecessors, the Army and Engine Battalion (or engine bat.).


The GGF uses a similar command structure throughout all subsections, however they are not identical. All subsections have the "main branch" of the command structure, which consists of Corps, Divisions, Regiments, Batallions and Companies, each one decreasing in size. "Concentrated branches" are smaller than the previous mensioned, and "Major branches" are bigger.

All subsections, however, all use the same rank system. The Gammetan Navy also used this rank structure


Ranks, remember from a sentence above, existed universally throughout the Gammetan Ground Force.

Soldiers & TroopersEdit

  • Trooper
  • Sehtor
  • First Lance
  • Junior Lance
  • Senior/Head Lance
  • Segeant Silver
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant Head

Higher Soliders & TroopersEdit

  • Petty Officer
  • Junior Officer
  • Parce Officer
  • Chief Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Master Lieutenant
  • 3rd Class Captain
  • 2nd Class Captain
  • 1st Class Captain


  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commandmet Second.
  • Commandmet Leader
  • Major SM
  • Major MD
  • Major LG
  • Major XL
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel I (Colonel Bronze)
  • Colonel II (Colonel Silver)
  • Colonel III (Colonel Gold)
  • Colonel IIII (Colonel Platinum)

Higher OfficersEdit

  • Private General
  • Sergeant General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major General
  • General of the Army

Command structure in subsectionsEdit

The Ground Force had subsections which split up different types of combat units. For instance, walkers would use a different command structure to infantry, but a similar one to tanks.

Subsections are as follows:

Each of their command structures can be found on their respective pages, however the number of active units is stated only in this article.

Current sizeEdit

The Gammetan Ground Force is organized so that all subsections have the command structure containing "corps" and "divisions." Above corps, there are Quadrants, which currently all contain 3 corps, and Armies, which are planned to be inconsistent, and organized based on the needs of the military.

Organization of the Gammetan Ground Force
Gunship corps
Infantry corps
Space infantry corps
1st Army 1st Quadrant 1st Infantry corps
2nd Space infantry corps
3rd Infantry corps
2nd Quadrant 4th Infantry corps
5th Infantry corps
6th Infantry corps
3rd Quadrant 7th Infantry corps
8th Infantry corps
9th Gunship corps
4th Quadrant 10th Gunship corps
11th Gunship corps
12th Gunship corps
2nd Army 5th Quadrant 13th Infantry corps
14th Infantry corps
15th Infantry corps
6th Quadrant 16th Gunship corps
17th Infantry corps
18th Infantry corps

Equipment Edit

Infantry As the ground force and civilization is young, every gun used by the Gammetan Ground Force, currently, is a Gatalon Photon Cannon designed by MicellCo Works. There is thus far only a single expired, retired or obsoleted model, the M1. The basic infantry weapon is the M3, whereas stealth units use the M4, as it is a recon carbine. The M3 is not strictly for stealth units, and is commonly used by standard support units. The M2 and M7 are used as support or suppressive-fire weapons, the latter also having a heavy cannon for minor armor support roles. The M6 is used as a sniper rifle, being the only current one in service. The M5 is used rarely by units, as it is soley a heavy cannons, which isn't practical.

Combat vehicles The Batcher v80 AA tank is currently the only used vehicle of the Ground Force. It is primarily still in development, however a few models exist. It is a large vehicle, often considered a mobile emplacement, which can also be used as a turret platform as well as an infantry bunker. The B1 Battle Tank is also under development as the main battle tank.

Aviation' The HelAux GT2 is used as a gunship and in-combat transport currently, whereas the N1 Transport is used for long-range, sometimes intercontinental transport. A common theory is that the former is used for tactical transport, whereas the latter is for strategic transport. The N4 Westand is currently under development as a direct attack gunship, offering a less shallow play in combat than the GT2.

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