This part of the Gammetan Ground Force, which is a section of the Gammetan Military.

The Gammetan Craft Support Force, shortened to GCSF, was a subsection of the Gammetan Ground Force that dealt with craft that could support ground forces, essensially the opposite to the GASVH. They were comprised only on air vehicles, as transports for those air vehicles fell in to the Gammetan Transport Force. It is defined as a subgroup as it uses a different command structure, however all ranks are the same throughout this and other subsections. The size of the Craft Support force, along with other subsections, is defined on the Gammetan Ground Force article.

The GCSF primarily uses HelAux Gunship Transport IIs which are slightly more anti-air oriented than prefered, however a new gunship, the N4 Westand, is under developement, with more ground-oriented capabilities.

Command structureEdit

  • Corps—4 Forces (12,800 gunships), led by a General.
  • Division—5 Flights (3,200 gunships), led by a Colonel.
  • Flight—5 Wings (640 gunships), led by a Major, capable of carreing an infantry regiment in to battle.
  • Wing—4 Squads (128 gunships), led by a Commander, capable of carreing an infantry battalion in to battle.
  • Squad—4 Plates (32 gunships), led by a Captain, capable of carreing an infantry company in to battle
  • Plate—8 Gunships, led by a Lieutenant.

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