A Gammetan Boost Gate is basically a hyperdrive accelerator. It can boost a ships hyperdrive to about 5,000 Light years /second, when launched from one. But when launched between two boost gates, the value doubles, for there are two gates supplying power, then squares, for they are working together. Which makes a total of 100,000 Light years /second. They are used mainly in an urgant situation, not for regular scouting. They can boost any amount of any ship's speed. However, they have a boost threshold, and when reached, the Boost Gate "Fails", when a ship is either 14km in length, 10km in height, or 8km in width, it does the process named "Failing".


  • When from one gate to empty space: 10,000 Light years /second and under.
  • When from one gate to another: 50,000 Light years /second and under
  • When from empty space to a gate: 1,500 Light years /second and under.


----/--/-- to 2010/06/01

  • When from one gate to empty space: 5,000 Light years /second and under.
  • When from one gate to another: 500,000 Light years /second and under
  • When from empty space to a gate: 500 Light years /second and under.

Physical attributesEdit

The gate is a kind of eight-sided hollow cylinder shape (100m height 30m diameter). The front is recognizable because it has a few hangar bays and a few sections sticking out. The rest has communication and sensor rods here or there. It is protected by a shield of variable magnitude, the generator is located on the bottom side about 40m from the front. It is the weak spot of the shield and when fired upon, the section fails making it easier to take down the shields. This is due to it's size for a small generator, it prefers to isolate a few parts of it's shield. The communications, sensors, targetting and navigation (if any) sections are located around the gate it'sself, most of the time the sensors and targetting systems are located inside the gate but there are a few variables. (The targetting systems are for locating gates only, once a gate has locked onto another gate or an empty space and the targetting system is destroyed, it can still force ships to the location.)

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