The Fzanti Empire

1764 +

Flag of the Fzanti Empire
Flag of Fzanti
Location of Fzanti
Other titles

Fzanti, Fzantia

Official name

Imperial Republic of Fzantia

Short name Fzanti



Galactic Basic Standard

Population 23,000,000,000
Controlled planets
Member of

Capita Council

Founding member of

Appearence Imperial League

Religious policies

Restricted religion

  • 30% theistically religious
  • 8% atheistically religious
  • 62% atheist
State religion (unforced)




– Weytam Banacia 1958 +

Free market (20% left)



Air force

930,000 personel,
140,000 craft


13,000,000 personel:
8,600,000 foot soldiers;
2,600,000 vehicle soldiers;
1,800,000 other/utility.


240 ships
110,000 personel:
5,450 ship crew;
~105,000 other

- Foundation September 14, 1764

The Fzanti Empire is a multi-planet, imperial, small power civilization situated in the Kashtana region of the core of the Appearence galaxy. It has a population of 23 billion spread across its three colonies, centralized around the capital Janoria. It's state language is Galactic Basic Standard.

The Fzanti Empire controls three systems in the Kashtana region of the Appearence, which is in northern part of the core. They are all in their own systems, and are all terrestrial planets optimized for human settlement. Janoria, the capital, is considered hot and dry relative to most other human planets, so it receives a large amount of food from its two neighboring planets Efalium and Boskoros. Cosmographically, the Unidian and Alsoras Republics are to its north, the Kada Empire to its far east, the Andur Empire to its sotuh, and the Klaorus Republic to its west.

Since the civilization's founding, it has been a devout imperial non-democratic state, and a strong advocate of the theory that no multi-planet state should have shared ownership over a single planet. This belief caused them to be considered expansionists during the period that their planets were split between a multitude of around 5 civilizations. They have since annexed these states, and incorporated them somewhat in to their civilization, albeit with discrimination. During the coalition crisis of April 2011, it became apparent that they were sided with the Appearence Imperial League, and have on numerous occasions supported the imperial powers against democratic powers. It is considered the closest ally of the Kada Empire, due to both their political similarities and cosmographical distance. They have numerous trade deals with them, though did not support them in their recent efforts in the Orin-Risuk war.

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