First Appearance-Ichiri war
Previous Appearance-Nolon war
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Alsoras War
Tetrodosion-Tournan war

Date 2010/03/122010/03/20
Ending date 2010/03/20
Location(s) Ichiri Galaxy
Outcome Disputed
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization

Flag of the Yulairian Civilization Yulairian Civilization

Flag of blank

Rescue on Ichiri Prime


The First Appearance-Ichiri war (occurring in March 2010) was a war which started soon after an expedition of Appearance members went through a rift at Tenon Colony, a previous Drakonian Colony. Neither side technically won as the war was very brief and was never really officially concluded.


The war did not begin as soon as the Appearence goers entered the Ichiri Universe. Prior to that, a rift had opened at the Tenon Colony, which had gone unnoticed for a few weeks. Eventually, after a few encounters with Ichiri vessels, the BlyDonian Civilization discovered the source of these ships.

Journey into the RiftEdit

The Bly Machine along with the Radiant were the first Appearence vessels to enter into the Ichiri Universe. A few hours after entry, a highly advanced Ichiri Warship arrived on scene, and signaled peace. The Bly Machine left for Ichiri Prime, and the Radiant returned back to The Appearence, sensing danger and also because the rift was closing.


Shuttle Pilot Nly Traen soon emerged out of a smaller rift over the Tenon Colony about a week later, in a battered BlyDonian shuttle. He reported that Bly had been taken captive, and that he needed help. The Yulairians and the Tournan Leader, DR. Tourny, soon arrived over Ichiri Prime using the rift that Nly had used. The forces, after a small scale war, defeated the surprised Ichiri guards at the prison, freed Bly and his ship, and left for home.


The war paved the way for the Second Appearance-Ichiri war. It also gave the Bly Machine the rift technology, an advance it would hold onto for months before it was stolen by the Empire of Drakonia.

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