The FLAOGJHA, or the Fzanti Longoi Assembly of Grand Janoria Head Assembly. It is the head assembly of the Fzanti Empire. At first sight, this name might appear to be simple gibberish, however it serves an important role in the Fzanti's Government. The Longoi is the Fzanti word for Empire, as they decided to include some of their heritage in the name.

Recent ControversyEdit

Recently, the FLAOGJHA has put forward a measure to isolate themselves from the other civilizations in the world, not interacting with any of the other civilizations except for the Capita Council and the Appearence Imperial League's meetings. They have no intention on interacting with these nations outside of the meetings themselves. The other civilizations have not responded to the measure yet, and it has yet to be approved. Although the majority of the population opposes it, the politicians in power are using this in an attempt to boost their own economy on a local scale. Since the Fzanti Empire is kind to its citizens, a protest is not expected.

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