Empire of Drakonia-Yulairian Civilization relations
Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia
Flag of the Yulairian Civilization Yulairian Civilization




Agreements and deals

6/4/2012: Yulair allows Drakonia access to an artifact on their planet.

Empire of Drakonia-Yulairian Civilization relations is the bilateral relationship between the two nation-states, Yulair in The Appearance and The Empire of Drakonia in Aetheria and The Appearance. The relationship began in 2009 with Yulair's founding. Originally, relations were friendly, however there has been a decline to the present day, mainly due to ideological differences.

The nations were allies during the various Ichiri incursions into The Appearance, but then drifted apart into near-hostilities. As of now, relations are slightly better, most likely because Claire Faretel, a former Yulairian, is representing the Empire in the Appearence.

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