Empire of Drakonia-Lunor relations
Map-relations-Empire of Drakonia Lunor
Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia
Flag of Lunor Lunor

March 2, 2012

Empire of Drakonia-Lunor relations is a bilateral relationship between the two nation-states, the Empire of Drakonia in Aetheria and between the first and second arms of the Appearence, and Lunor in the inner part of the second arm of the Appearence. They began on March 2, 2012, when the Empire of Drakonia joined the Capita Council, which Lunor was in.

Relations currently are hostile. The two civilizations were part of the same side in the second Appearance-Ichiri war in 2010, which even saw them fighting side-by-side during the last stages when retaking parts of the core of the Appearence, a war which was eventually won. Recently, however, with Lunor's change in administration and subsequent membership of the Order of Nations for Peace, hostilities were created. The Drakonians attempted to sign a deal with Lunor which would allow them to recover an artifact in their territory for cash sum, however Lunor rejected, resulting in their ambassador to the Capita Council, Riano Kalori III, being killed by Claire Faretel, leader of the Appearence Dominion. The Drakonians attacked a small planet on the edge of a Lunor system to recover the artifact, and several lives on the mining outpost were lost.

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