Empire of Drakonia-Hzian Empire relations
Map-relations-Empire of Drakonia Hzian Empire
Flag of the Empire of Drakonia
 Empire of Drakonia
Flag of the Hzian Empire
 Hzian Empire

March 2, 2012

Empire of Drakonia-Hzian Empire relations is a bilateral relationship between the two nation-states, the Empire of Drakonia in Aetheria and between the first and second arm of the Appearence, and the Hzian Empire in the inner first arm of the Appearence. The relationship was founded on March 2, 2012, when the Empire of Drakonia joined the Capita Council, which the Hzian Empire was in.

The relationship thus far has been cooperative: On June 4, 2012, the Hzian Empire accepted a deal whereby the Drakonians would pay to recover an artifact in their territory; though a lot of media outlets speculate that this is due to fear. Their common ground on politics is also gives an incentive for cooperation.

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