East Tudia
Flag of the Tudian Rebels

2012 +

Flag of East Tudia
Flag of East Tudia
Map-locator-East Tudian
Location of East Tudia
Official name

Liberal Democracy of Thydian Tudia

Short name East Tudia

East Tudian


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 9,057,543,202
Capital planet


Capital city


Religious policies

Free religion


Democratic representation

– Jaliss Tysia () 2012/01 +

Free market

- Tudian Rebels' dissolution January 4, 2012
For the cosmographical region or similarly-named civilization, see Tudia and West Tudia

East Tudia is a democratic, single-planet civilization, centered in the city Kamfala on the planet Thyde. It is ruled by the self-elected Demomono, Jaliss Tysia. The civilization was spawned by the events of the Tudia rebellion 2011, which saw citizen rights being taken away as well as ethnic prejudice. Hence, it was founded on the foundations of liberalism, free speech, and democracy.

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