Kris, move this to a hidden sandbox user page or something. I would make a blog, but I want people to edit.


Same one as last time? With bug fixes and more polish. Enemies should be stronger than in normal SWBFII, but still weak compared to the other side (TT). It's a map/mode about a bunch of heroes killing wave after wave of enemies, and that's how it should be. The strength of the TT side should be balanced with numbers on the other. Co-op would be spectacular.


Just make a 3-equals-sign level title with your character weapons, model, etc.


Unit: Re-skinned dark trooper or republic jet trooper, with the dark trooper's jetpack (jumping not flight)

Primary Weapons:

  • Power sword: A standard model of a sword, with a lightsaber-y glow.
  • Machine gun: Fires laser bolts (with very little glow effect) at a high rate of fire. 200 round magazine.
  • Missile launcher: Locks on to air and vehicles from FAR AWAY. It fires in an arc trajectory and one-hit-kills them. High damage on point, tiny blast radius.

Secondary Weapons:

  • Artillery strike: Grenade model, with a colored smoke effect. Calls in an orbital strike (no glow effect on shells).
  • Charge!: Applies a speed and damage buff to troops in the nearby area.
  • Personal Shield: Not too strong, but good enough to protect the player when charging into a mob of enemies.


Unit: Re-skinned late clone trooper.

Primary Weapons:

  • Energy carbine: Extremely powerful, semi-slow shooting carbine that deals very explosive damage in a small blast radius.  Has 2x and 4x zoom settings on scope.
  • Energy scattergun: Shotgun that sacrifices damage and range for very fast fire-rate.

Secondary Weapons:

  • Electro-grenade: Hand-held grenades that disperse a large shock-explosion around the detonation area.
  • Artillery pummel beacon: Grenade model that instead of calls for a series of artillery shells, calls for an instantanious group of shells that all impacts at about the same time


Unit: Bly unit

Primary Weapons: Clone Blaster Clone Pistol Flamethrower

Secondary Weapons: Med-packs Grenades

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