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Drakonian Civil War
Previous Drakonian-Ichiri war

Nirvana Crisis
Yinto Crisis

Concurrent Second Corpian-Donian war

Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war

Date 2011/06/30 – 2012/02/13
Ending date 2012/02/13
Location(s) Aetheria
Outcome unknown

The Empire of Drakonia

the "Rising Moon"

Forces designated for use







Thje Drakonian civil war (June 30, 2011 to February 13, 2012 — 228 days) was a civil war which broke out ten days after the end of the Drakonian-Ichiri war. It ended at the Treaty of Beluksho.


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  • 2011: Megalith fired, the Ichiri universe destroyed, Drakonian-Ichiri War ends. Rift instabilities begin in Aetheria: Emperor Naga Krion lost in rift instability. Empress Nakamura abdicates her throne and disappears. Senate begins process of picking a new Emperor. With much of the Empire in disarray, Star Admiral Takara Ming launches a coup backed with a large portion of the military. Known as the "Rising Moon", the rebel forces attempt to restore order and control to the Empire.
  • 2012: Lammergeier bends a few rules to get into power as fast as possible, and declares a state of emergency. Rising Moon forces, with a large portion of the navy and groups from the other armed forces, control approximately 1/4 of Aetheria.
  • 2020-2030: New ships, prototypes for the ICN, come into Rising Moon service. They have a carrier and missile heavy doctrine, as exemplified by the Abyss-class battlecarriers and Blade of Unwavering Steel-class battleships. The Empire upgrades its Apocalyptica Mark IIIs and Rapture Mark IVs to meet this threat.
  • 2031: The replacement for the Apocalyptica, the Hresvelgr-class battleship, enters service with the ICN.
  • 2033: Ming is found dead from poisoning, and the Empire is blamed. She passes on power to Claire Faretel with a letter she wrote just before death.
  • 2034: Ming-class supercarrier enters Rising Moon service. The Empire speeds development of its Muspellhiem-class supercarriers to meet this threat.

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