Half of all capable (Not handicapped or something.... course, you could just get a cyborg implant)Drakonian citizens that have turned 18 in the past year are ordered to report for Basic Training on December 31. They train for 6 months, and after that time, almost all are released. The second half shows up for training and evaulation right after the first group has finished, and goes through the same procedure. The best are given the option of joining one of the armed forces that accepts humans (Marines or Navy). "Option" is not really a choice, since there are no recorded instances of anyone turning down the chance, as serving in the military is regarded as an extremely high honor, almost a higher "class" of society (shut up Marx). Then, those who have been selected usually train for 6 more months and enter their specialized service. Everyone in the armed forces started out at the lowest rank, there are no political appointments or anything. This leads to an extremely capable and disciplined military.



Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army


Two main strategies are used for land warfare. On open terrain, such as deserts and fields, armored vehicles advance as fast as possible, supported by aircraft and mechanized infantry. When fighting in areas like cities, mountains, and forests, huge amounts of artillery and infantry are used instead to overwhelm opposition.

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