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Equipment and UniformsEdit

See Imperial Terrestrial Army


As with all Drakonian non-missile, torpedo, or laser weapons, these are all railguns except for the rocket launcher.

Type 99 SMG

Type 99 SMG
Type 12 sniper rifle

Type 12 anti-material sniper rifle
Type 44 MG

Type 44 squad MG
Type 186 Shotgun 2

Type 186 semi-auto shotgun, note the laser rangefinder for airbursting rounds
Type 83

Type 83 pistol, with attachable red dot sight, foregrip, and made from light-weight materials
Type 399 AR

Type 399 9mm assault rifle
Type 2306

Type 2306 grenade launcher, note the recoil-damping stock and rangefinding scope.
Type 51 Rocket

Type 51 unguided rocket launcher, muzzle loaded, scope is folded up.
Type 42 Flamethrower

Type 42 flamethrower, note the pilot light with its fuel tank
Type 699

Type 699 designated marksman rifle, note the nonstandard coloring and the lack of a bipod.
Type 274

Type 274 carbine, used by vehicle drivers and pilots instead of a standard rifle because of its compact size.
Type 04

Type 04 sniper rifle, used at longer ranges (generally) then the 699, suitable for anti-personnel work.


  • The Multi- Purpose Utility Vehicle or MPUV is an eight-wheeled truck used for many roles. Everything from mobile radar to rocket artillery to tanker to supply carrier. Produced in huge numbers, variants often carry infantry about behind the line of battle. The MPUV also has a tracked variant.
  • Half tracks have less capacity but are much better off-road and have light armor. There are many variants, with roles such as ambulance, flak gun, mortar carrier, and mobile command post. [1]
  • The Shiva Armored Personnel Carrier fills a gap between half-tracks and heavier infantry fighting vehicles. Carrying more armor than a half-track and smoke grenades projectors, the Shiva can deliver infantry to the front lines and carry them in an offensive operation. Standard armament is a heavy machine gun in a remote turret and an automatic grenade projector at the vehicle's front, but an anti-tank missile launcher can be mounted externally. Image here: [2]
  • The Rapier APC is built on a heavily-reinforced MPUV chassis, and resembles a BTR-80. It usually carries a 13mm machine gun, but can carry anti-tank missiles instead. It is not a very common vehicle, only used for amphibious operations. The modifications to make the Rapier fast and usable in water or other liquids mean the vehicle lacks protection from anything larger than small arms.
  • A massive armored superstructure was placed on an Osiris chassis to create the Crusader super-heavy breaching vehicle. It can carry lots of troops, and is armed with a demolition gun (low velocity high caliber, basically a mortar firing horizontally), anti-armor unguided rockets, and several flamethrowers. the Crusader is designed to smash through (literally, it has a huge armored plow) enemy fortifications and disgorge infantry.

Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army

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