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Artillery units are used en masse, both for large-scale bombardment with thousands and thousands of guns or piecemeal to provide direct fire support to small units. Besides self-propelled guns, artillery is also towed or mounted in fixed positions. Ballistic or cruise missiles are used less frequently, since shells are easier to use in massive numbers to overwhelm shields or interceptors.

Tube ArtilleryEdit

the term "tube artillery" denotes gun-based artillery, as opposed to rockets or missiles. The time to target is usually lower, and the rate of fire is high. Various types of shells can be used, with a variety of lethal payloads or guidance mechanisms. These are the most common calibers.

80mm Self Propelled MortarEdit

A mortar mounted in the back of one of the many Drakonian half-tracks. Provides light fire support, and is easier to move than a mortar carried by infantry. The high trajectory of this mortar makes it an attractive option in urban warfare, where shells can be dropped almost vertically on a target between tall obstacles. However, the high-angle low-velocity design of mortars mean they take longer to reach the target, making them less useful for urgent fire support.

Image: [1]

155mm SPGEdit

It has a fully tracked base, modeled on the "Shiva" APC chassis and the gun is turret-mounted for allowing 180 degrees of rotation. Normally, trucks or half-tracks carrying ammunition are paired with this piece to ensure a steady stream of ammunition. While the shells fired are large enough to knock out most vehicles in a direct hit or to kill exposed infantry, these guns are less useful against fortified positions such as bunkers or thick-walled buildings.

305mm SPGEdit

This gun is mounted on a larger tracked chassis, towards the middle. An armored superstructure provides limited cover from shrapnel or light fire, however the long range of this vehicle means it usually operated farther from the front lines. Shells this large are typically used against well-armored enemy emplacements for their increased penetrative ability.

2200mm SPG "Purifier"Edit

One of, if not the, biggest vehicles in the Imperial Terrestrial Army, this carries a gun firing car-sized shells. It requires two dedicated Archeopteryx transports, one to carry it and one for ammunition and support vehicles. The other main drawback is the Purifier's size and weight, being too large for urban or mountain fighting and too heavy for soft ground.

Rocket ArtilleryEdit

Unguided rockets provide a greater amount of ordnance on target, but are less accurate.

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