Danga Corporation
Other titles



Design military craft

Date founded

May 26, 2011

Date merged

August 14, 2011

Merged into

Mechal Production Industries

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta

Danga Bomber

Danga Corporation, commonly shortened to Danga, was a nationalized Gammetan company that was founded to inject competition in to the military-industrial complex during early 2011. As intended at the company's founding, it was bought by a private defense contractor, Mechal Production Industries, a few weeks in to its only project.

Its only project, which it was founded for, was the Danga Bomber. As planned, competition was sparked, and HelAux began designing a competing bomber model, the HelAux B13. The Gammetan Military decided that the best prototype design by the end of the year would receive funding to complete the design, and would be the only bomber to be manufactured and used. The Danga Bomber lost the competition due to impressive experimental technology on the B13 at surprisingly low cost, but the model was completed anyway due to support and funding from Andur, Lunor and Unidia who had desires on a new bomber before the competition even began.

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