Corpian Military
15 BC+
Official title Military Extractions of Corpus Civilization's Free Willed Citizens
Date founded -15/07/30
Flag of the Corpus Civilization Corpus Civilization
Allegiance(s) President of Corpia,
freedom of their people,
Size 179,785,097
Percent of GDP 5.7%

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The Corpian Military, sometimes refered to as the Corpian (armed) forces, is the military unit of Corpia that encompasses the Corpian Cosmodio, the Corpian Planetary Force and the Corpian Interplanetary Force. It is headed by the President of Corpia with the title of "Corpian Supreme General". The President is the supreme authority for military matters, although the Military Commission most of the time filters certain aspects of their orders to make them strategically correct. The current main objectives of the Military is to protect land and people owned by Corpia, protect interests of it's allies and to bring about peace through war with Donia.

The Corpians currently employ around 180,000,000 (180 million) personel for their military. The percentages of those personel are as follows: Template:* Template:* Template:*


The President of Corpia is in commander-in-chief of the Military, however that title falls under the National Assembly — the president thus has as much power of the Armed Forces as he does over the National Assemblists. That power is then filtered by the Military Commission based on — again — the strength of the president.

Under the Military Commission is are the Supreme Generals, each in command of a service or strategic division.

Orders would generally be given by the commander-in-chief to the Military Commission, however may be passed directly to Supreme Generals depending on the loyalty, which is usually high.

The Corpian Military is split up in to services and (strategic) divisions, more officially refered to as Forces. Forces include with common references in parenthesis: Template:* Template:** Template:** Template:** Template:** Template:** Template:* Template:** Template:** Template:** Template:** Template:* Template:** Template:*** Template:*** Template:*** Template:** Template:*** Template:**** Template:**** Template:*** Template:*** Template:*** Template:***

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