The Classic-scale Manufacturing Halo was an armed autofactory (see what I did there? It should be manufactory, but it's automated. Heh) orbitting AS-A3-G14 73421-05, Hydephiilo. It was owned by the Comuli Government but in direct control of the Hydephiilan Senate.


It was a halo that enveloped the entire planet with a diameter of 11,241km (aproximately 1,000km from the ground) designed and created by the Ărtio Corporation. The station was split up in to 17 sections with 4,000 subsections, each designed for mass production of assets. Different components of ships would be built from around the halo and transported in to a section that would assemble them. Automation and administration, the only two occupations necassery to upkeep the station : The system was flawless as time was no constraint for the Ărtian Corporation.


The planet was colonized by the Ărtian Government, a previous corporation dissolved in 2010, as a means to create a massive amount of ships in a small amount of time. The Corporation of Ărtio beleived strongly in peace and had a small fleet of ships, it heavily relied on it's allies to protect it, although it's peaceful ways meant that they had little enemies. The Ărtian government had become corrupt and secretive since the planet's colonization. It was unknown to other corporations and had vast resources on it's surface, therefore it could be used as the superweapon that dissolves the corporations. This secret project had been under construction since about 666ad (420 years after colonization). The station was compelted in 1942, but it was inactive until 2010.

In 2010 the official Hydephiilan senate search party for survivors (after the massacre) came across the planet and an international conflict began. A space skirmish occured around the halo between Hydephiilan Senate and the Comuli Remnants, which started with the ambushing of commercial vessles and maintenance vessles for the halo. The conflict's conclusion was the direct control of the Comuli government by the Hydephiilan Senate. Today, it is used for ship, both commercial and military construction.

On 16th December 2010, the Hydephiilan Government enacted a plan that increased taxes 10% for 5 months and diverted 45% of government spending to arming the station, as it was too valuable an asset to lose.

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