Claire Faretel





April 23, 2013

Notable occupation(s)

Drakonian ambassador to the Capita Council


The Empire of Drakonia





Hair color

Brown/Dark Brown

"I think we'll win.
"Why's that?"
"Faretel said 'it was nice working with all of you,' so I think we'll win. She actually complemented us all."
"Nah, nah, that's a bad sign, methin--"
– Two officers and Faretel during the Ichiri assault on Yulair

Claire Faretel is an Admiral in the Imperial Celestial Navy (previously the Yulairian Navy). She has a very strict nature, and is often described as "scary," to her knowlege. Claire had a good childhood, until her planet was attacked.


Claire was a happy child, living with her family. When she was about 9 a war started between her planet and another planet. The opposing faction launched a massive assault on her planet when she was about 10. People desperately attempted to escape in transports. She was one of the people who, unfortunately, had to lead fleeing civilians to the transports. Most of them were scared, and didn't move fast enough. She pleaded for them to keep going, however the fleeing citizens were killed in a bombing run, but she survived. She managed to escape onboard a transport, but lost her family. She blamed herself for the deaths of the many people that she was unfairly forced to lead to the transports. This trauma caused her to become very strict, and rather that people were more scared of what was to happen if they didn't do what they were told. She employed this as a military strategy in her military career later on. Many years after the attack, she was found by Wolf on a planet at a resturaunt. Wolf ended up listening to her story, all while running from local authorities, though, Faretel never knew this. Just as he was about to be found, he offered her a job on the Radiant. With no where else to go, and nothing better to do, she accepted the offer. She soon found herself as an Admiral in the Yulair Navy, and soon after that, the commander of the YNS Courageous. After a falling-out with Wolf, she defected to The Empire of Drakonia and worked for the ICN for some time. She then got involved in her fiancée Takara Ming's attempted overthrow of the Drakonian government, and led the Rising Moon following Ming's death. Faretel got off relatively scot-free with the end of the Drakonian Civil War, and after serving as leader of the Appearence Dominion,was briefly the Drakonian Capita Council ambassador. She was assassinated by the Drakonian government (probably) in April 2013 outside a Capita Council meeting.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Faretel is generally strict, never complements anyone, and is often seen as scary. She cares little of the opinions others hold of her. She is perfect for working in the Empire of Drakonia.

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