The BlyDonian Command Staff are the military leader of the BlyDonian Military. Bly works with all of these people, during his leadership of BlyDonia. The Command Staff is divided three ways. The Army, the Space Fleet, and the Air Force. The Special Forces are also a smaller part.

General Command StaffEdit

Bly chose a few people from each branch to be on the General Command Staff:

  • Grand General Gara
  • Grand Admiral Akan
  • Grand Admiral Opani
  • Fleet Admiral Iionia
  • Grand General Saar
  • Trillius
  • Wing Marshall Tukan
  • Grand General Nooram


  • Grand General Gara: Largely incharge of troop movements, acts at the head General directly below Bly.
  • Grand General Saar: Incharge of vehicle and walker movements.
  • Grand General Nooram: He's incharge of leading soldiers into battle, and planning the battles.
  • Sub Grand General J'nuka: He's incharge of planning battles, as he is a brilliant strategist.

Space FleetEdit

  • Grand Admiral Vat commands two fleets. He is also Bly's Commander In Chief for the Fleet. He also usually succeeds Bly in case of an emergency.
  • Grand Admiral Ackbar commands two fleets.
  • Grand Admiral Piett commands two fleets.
  • Grand Admiral Akan commands two fleets.
  • Grand Admiral Opani commands two fleets.

Air ForceEdit

  • Wing Marshall Tukan commands the Air Force

Special ForcesEdit

  • Trillius commands the special forces division of the BlyDonian Armed Forces. Little is known of this division.

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