The Capita Protests 2011 were a series of protests starting on the 15th of May, 2011 and ending on June 7, 2011 in the capital city of Gammeta, Capita, against the Government's decision to introduce the rank of PR. Over 200 million people attended or somehow supported the protests at the beginning, which included rallies and speeches from primarily non-administrative politicians. No strikes or violence occured during the protests, and were not expected to; the emphasis of the protests was on peacefully bringing about reform. The primary objective of the protests were mixed. From the least to biggest scale of change: Some wanted the PR to be generally less powerful in such events, some wanted the Government to turn off their state of alert and thus decrease the powers of the PR, whereas others wanted the rank of PR revoked altogether.

The Government placed police patrols outside the rallies and speeches, however didn't expect it to turn violent.

Fin Asura, on the day of the protests, called for an immediate public senate meeting. Little was concluded during the session, however the theory of adminsitrative reform within the boundaries of the Senate arose about a lot of senators, as it is difficult for things to get done with such an equal and unmonocratic government, half to the public's agreement. During a protest speech the next day (the 16th), she announced that she would use the protests as a new justification to the government's state of alert, but asured them that the Nirvana Crisis will be dealt with as quickly as possible or ignored by foreign policy. The amount of protests was lowered by around 30% to 530,000 after the speech, however was still left significant.

Nearly two weeks after the protests begun, the Senate decided to remove the Nirvana Crisis from its government policies, leaving the military and their peace-time fund to deal with the problem. Protests after this reduced by over 93%, to around 35,000, leaving only those opposed to the rank of PR remaining. Some protesters after this were angered, and begun an uproar. These uproars did not escilate to violence, however the government called for volunteers to help deal with them if it did.

On June 6, 2011, an opinion poll was taken on what people wanted, in which a majority of the population voted. The results were revelead on the 7th, and after the opinion poll showed that dissolution of the rank of PR was under a single percent, the protestors disbanded.

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