The Caliber Standardisation Programme, or CSP, was a programme by the Drakonian military to standardize gun calibers for ease of supply. Weapons will be rechambered as necessary, and new weapons will be built to these standards. The CSP is estimated to take 5 years. This does not cover large weapons, id est those over ~6".

Small Arms Edit

  • 6mm short (pistol, SMG)
  • 6.6mm long (rifle/LMG)
  • 8.5mm short (heavy pistol/SMG)
  • 8.5mm long (heavy rifle/LMG)

Not-So-Small Arms Edit

  • 13mm (HMG)

Autocannons Edit

  • 23mm (upgrade from 20/25mm)
  • 37mm (upgrade from 30/40mm)
  • 57mm (for large-ass autocannon)

Shells Edit

  • 90mm
  • 105mm
  • 127mm
  • 143mm
  • 155mm

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