Brilliance-Class Interdictor







No Stargate

The Brilliance-Class Interdictor, which is only parly an interdictor, is the first ship of its type made by Yulair. It serves as a multi-purpose, speciality ship, with systems ranging from multi-plane inderdictors, to various high-grade sensors and comms. The ship is simply a technological marvel. Enhanced adapters and merger systems allow it to use its electronic arsenal against almost any enemy vessel. Though it is a speciality ship, that doesn't disallow it from assault and defense roles. Infact, the Brilliance is often used as a system defense, along with Yulair's station.

Brilliance-Class Interdictor3
Brilliance-Class Interdictor4
Brilliance-Class Interdictor5

YNS Endeavour flies through a recently deactivated fleet

Brilliance-Class Interdictor Patrol

YNS Endeavour on patrol nearby a star

Brilliance-Class Interdictor6

A Closer LookEdit


The defenses of the Brilliance ranged from shielding and armor, to anti-electronic/system attack defenses...

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