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The Bly Machine

BlyDonia Public Works


BlyMachine Mk4

Units retired


Length 20km
Width 7km
Height 1km





Prime City Navigation Services


BlyDonian Generator Systems





"She's a masterful ship..."
"It's a trap!"
Bly and Admiral Ackbar's standard conversation.
"Why does -everyone- have to say -she- when -referring- to a -ship-?! Why not just say "It"?!"

The Bly Machine first saw Appearence combat action in the Battle of Tenon Colony. It had been built years before under Bly's command.

General informationEdit

The Bly Machine was built by Bly back in November, 2009, before the Space RPG had even begun. He used it to fight everyone, and he usually won. The Bly Machine also has a powerful superlaser on its bow, that can take out a planet in two shots when it is fully charged. The laser can take out ships four times its size, and when it is at full power, even a small planet.

Rooms of InterestEdit

-The Bridge: This is where Bly controls his entire ship.

-The Lounge: It is a large circular room atop of the bridge, surrounded entirely by windows, that let's Bly see out everywhere. There's a bar, a long table, a bed, and some TV's as well. Bly can also control the entire ship from here if he so wishes to.

-The Guest Quarters: It's where everyone stays.

-The Bly Machine Restaurant: A five star restaurant on board the ship.

-The Bly Machine Water Park: A bunch of slides and pools in the ship, that Bly occasionally uses.

Known Uses in BattleEdit

-Battle of Tenon Colony

-Skirmish Aboard the Bly Machine


In October, Bly retired the ship after countless years in service. It is currently a museum ship in Prime City.

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