"The idea of a unified league of nations has failed."

The BlyDonian denouncement of the Capita Council was a speech given on BlyDonia Prime by President Bly, in response to the lack of organization and problem solving.

Speech TranscriptEdit

The following is the full speech given.

"Good Afternoon citizens of Prime City,

As you know, The Appearence Galaxy is facing many problems, chief among them the Naasad recession, the Nonan-Bazanian Derta dispute, and the Tudia rebellion 2011.

Despite repeated efforts on all fronts, the Capita Council during it's tri-monthly meetings has done very little to solve these problems. This has caused a few nations to form the Order of Nations for Peace, a league that joins the many others, including the EML and the AIL. Most nations that are in the Capita Council are also in these leagues, causing bias and favouritism to run supreme, and not allow any problems to be solved.

We can change the leadership as much as we like, even our tenure as chair member didn't do much to rectify this. The bottom line is, however, that the Capita Council served its purpose during the Second Appearence-Ichiri war, as well as the subsequent conflicts, however now it is simply an organisation that is eating away at our GDP and standing idly by. It is my personal belief that the idea of a unified league of nations has failed.

Throughout the next few days, BlyDonia will be weighing the pros and cons of its membership on this Council. I thank you for your time, and your support of our administration.

Thank you and long live BlyDonia."
– President Bly, speaking in a public forum outside Government Square

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